At what cost? When S&G came knocking why wouldn't you accept a deal of cash plus shares, the business was clearly going places and making its intent very clear. The share price must go up so I am being paid more than what I could have hoped to achieve for my firm? (in some instances).

As a man that has indeed had share options at a large international business in the past, I can make an informed observation. Red or Black?

Shares are a structured corporate gamble, open up a betting app and certain bets are a no brainer, that's what we like to think about shares. Well structured stable markets offer some sort of protection, yes we will see peaks and troughs, but on the other hand we must always consider the [goes against every bone in my body] worst case scenario. 

Accepting shares as payment or partial payment for your business is a gamble and at that point you made the call, Red or Black!

Unfortunately, that gamble has cost several business owners millions as the untimely demise of the S&G share price has seen S&G unlock the restrictions around trading the issues shares from May 1st.